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5 steps to improved parking lot security

5 Steps To Increase Parking Lot Security

Is your parking lot secure? As a business owner, you want your customers to feel confident and safe to come and go from your business. And while most business owners work hard to protect their business, they tend to focus less on the parking areas. However, customers are more likely to frequent your business if…

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security camera tower

Security Cameras to Deter Theft

Security cameras are the best theft deterring technology of modern times. Our latest mobile security camera tower uses advanced surveillance technology to prevent theft. With the help of this tower, law enforcement agencies and security companies can keep an eye on large crowds and maintain order. The security camera tower has multiple features that help…

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Why Parking Lot Surveillance is Crucial for Your Business

As a successful business owner, it can be easy to assume that your company parking lot is just an extension of your heavily-monitored office space. This mindset has been proved extremely detrimental, as we have observed a steady increase in crimes occurring in outdoor parking lots. To avoid taking chances and risking the safety of…

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Reconview security tower interior, front view

3 Benefits of Camera Security Trailers

Are you looking to deter crime, or maybe just keep an eye on things? Installing a camera surveillance system can help you deter crime and keep an eye on things. However, it is not always possible to install a permanent surveillance system. In some instances, you may need to bring in a system for events…

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event security

How to Effectively Manage Large Crowds at Your Event

Organizing an event isn’t easy. It would be best if you put event security measures in place for your attendees. Managing a large crowd is important to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your attendees. The largest-ever concert attendance was approximately 3.5 million attendees. It went successfully due to the crowd management methods that…

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mobile surveillance tower

6 Ways to Ensure Safety at Your Event

If you are planning on running an event soon, there is a lot to worry about to make sure it goes smoothly. One thing that should never be overlooked is safety. With proper safety procedures, you will be able to reduce or eliminate hazards and keep guests safe. An Emergency Plan Every event must have…

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surveillance tower

How Do Police Use Surveillance Tools to Stop Crime?

Camera surveillance systems are more likely to deter crime when they are installed because they increase a thief or criminal’s risk of getting caught. In fact, according to ADT, a home with a security system installed is up to 300% safer from break-ins. However, surveillance tools are not just great for preventative measures. They can…

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camera security trailers

Simple Ways to Boost Your Construction Site Security

When you manage or own a construction company, you are often using high-quality equipment and valuable materials. It is important to make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions to keep your equipment and materials safe. Job sites are a popular target for criminals because they are able to sneak into the construction area…

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camera security trailers make life easier

5 Benefits of Camera Security Trailers

Security is important for any business or construction site, and if you do not want to compromise on this, camera security trailers are the best investment you can make. They help deter crime while keeping all activities monitored. Businesses and clients alike will all be a lot safer when there are camera security trailers around.…

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Tips to Ensure Your Concert Venue Stays Safe During COVID-19

In 1997, Jean-Michel Jarre’s concert in Moscow was attended by over 3.5 million people, setting the record as the concert with the largest attendance. Today, in our COVID-19 times, it is almost impossible to hold such a big concert in your venue, but there are safety measures you can take to keep your concert venue…

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