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How Do Mobile Surveillance Towers Revolutionize Security?

surveillance tower at concert

How Do Mobile Surveillance Towers Revolutionize Security?

While installing a camera surveillance system may help deter crime, there are many situations where extra security is necessary. If you are looking for a large-scale mobile security solution, then it may be time to consider a surveillance tower. Surveillance towers are not your run-of-the-mill security system, and offer many added benefits that a simple camera surveillance system does not. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of mobile surveillance towers.

Better Camera Views

While an ordinary camera surveillance system may limit what you can and cannot see, surveillance towers offer a 360-degree view of a venue. This gives security personnel or law enforcement the benefit of seeing things from every perspective. It also saves on manpower costs because the tower covers more angles, requiring less ground coverage.

Single Person Set-Up

Unlike a camera surveillance system, a mobile surveillance tower can be set up quickly by one person. This saves valuable time while establishing security protocols and ensuring that available personnel are not being wasted. The tower also has the ability to operate at maximum efficiency in the shortest time possible, adding a quick set-up time to its many benefits.


The interior of the surveillance tower is climate-controlled to ensure that personnel are in a comfortable and distraction-free environment while on the job. This includes both heat and air conditioning that can be adjusted accordingly, depending on the environment.

Use Anytime, Anywhere

Not only are these surveillance towers easy to set up, but they are also able to be deployed anywhere. In addition to their mobility and elevated 360-degree views, the ability to set up on virtually any terrain gives you the advantage of having the best security in any environment. The surveillance towers also come equipped with floodlights for increased night-time visibility, and high-quality day and night thermal cameras to ensure your view is never compromised.

If you are looking to increase your security capabilities for larger events and venues, then consider mobile surveillance towers. They are easy to set up, climate-controlled, have the best camera views, and work virtually anywhere, whether day or night. The highest-quality video recording and storage ensures easy access to data, while the extra efficiency and security save on manpower. For the best large-scale security solution, be sure to choose a mobile surveillance tower.