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SecureLot Camera Trailers

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SecureLot - Mobile Security Camera Trailers

Reconview™ SecureLot X1 camera security trailer is a wireless security solution for parking lots, jobsites, events etc. The trailers come with solar panels and can be powered directly through an outlet. Recordings can be viewed locally or live streamed remotely via IOS or Android app.

License Plate Recognition (LPR), Facial Recognition, People Counting, Vehicle Counting options with AI capabilities are available upon request.

The Ultimate Security Surveillance System

You take your security seriously. Each job site, event, concert, and venue will present unique risks that require unique solutions, and large-scale area security is not one-size-fits-all. Fortunately, there are basic practices you can implement to prevent major losses and crime. The chief among these practices is remote surveillance.

Reconview’s SecureLot camera trailers are more than just a parking lot security camera. They’re a remote surveillance solution that lets you monitor an area without being physically present, making them great for parking lots, job sites, events, and more. SecureLot camera trailers can either be powered directly through an outlet, generators or powered using solar panels for greater energy efficiency.

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Must be used with the SecureLot X1 camera trailer.


(patent pending)

Introducing the MobileTALK! The world’s first trailer mounted intercom. Mounted on the SecureLot X1 camera trailer platform, the MobileTALK intercom system adapts to evolving emergency needs. With our novel approach to emergency response, you can utilize our system improve your security plan.

Benefits of MobileTALK:

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