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Surveillance Towers

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MST (Non Ballistic)
Guardian (Ballistic) Surveillance Tower
Guardian (Ballistic)

Mobile Surveillance Towers

Mobile security surveillance camera can help to monitor and secure a large event or venue. Especially one that is extra challenging . And in some cases, you may even need multiple personnel monitoring the area. This can make security expensive and may put a dent in your budget. Reconview’s mobile surveillance tower allows you to safely and securely monitor a large area with fewer staff on watch.

In areas like large event venues, prisons, and military bases, where surveillance is crucial to safety and security, Reconview’s low-maintenance mobile surveillance towers are a must-have. Our mobile observation tower gives you an unobstructed 360-degree bird’s eye view of the area in almost any terrain so you can monitor and secure all environments wherever you are. Our security tower comes with high-performance floodlights for additional visibility with optional day and night thermal cameras for clear vision in any situation.

Surveillance Towers for Optimal Safety

Rapidly deploy your security tower with ease

When you’re preparing your mobile surveillance tower for monitoring and security, it’s important to be able to set up your tower quickly and efficiently. Reconview’s mobile observation tower is not only easy to deploy but can be set-up by one person in under five minutes. This efficient assembly allows you to keep your area secure and your personnel productive.

Climate-controlled cabin

Reconview understands how important it is to keep your personnel safe and protected against the elements while monitoring your site, event, or venue. With air conditioning and heat available, our mobile surveillance tower cabins are climate-controlled for optimal comfort and limited distractions.

High-quality video storage

Recording video surveillance footage 24/7 means you need a solution capable of handling that kind of data. Reconview offers high-quality video storage solutions so you can easily save and access your video, images, and content.

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Video Storage Capability

Video storage which allows video, images, and content accessibility.
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High performance floodlights for increased visibility.
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Air Conditioning & Heat

Climate controlled cabin providing maximum comfort.
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Vantage Point

With a bird’s-eye view, monitor and secure all environments.
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Take advantage of this platform and deploy device on almost any terrain.
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Ballistic Options Available

We have ballistic options available upon request.

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