Surveillance Solutions for Your Security Needs

Why Reconview

Security is crucial whether you’re planning a small event or a huge music festival. Anything can happen from accidents to crime, and your personnel needs to be prepared. Reconview has the surveillance systems you need to make sure event-goers are safe and secure.

Our camera trailers and mobile surveillance towers allow you to improve the safety of your event, parking lot, or job site by:

  • Reducing the risk of gun violence: Reconview’s mobile surveillance towers give you the ability to survey an area from a 360-degree vantage point. You can detect and eliminate potential threats before they occur and easily identify culprits in the event of a crime or other unlawful incident.
  • Maintaining crowd control: Whether an event is small or large, there’s always a heightened security risk. Mobile surveillance towers and camera trailers give your security personnel the ability to spot altercations, break-ins, and mitigate them before they get out of control.
  • Deterring property crime: Reconview’s camera trailers allow you to safely monitor parking lots at events or on properties to reduce the risk of property damage or crime. Event Goers can safely park their vehicles without worrying about their cars being broken into and their personal property stolen.
  • Layering security: It’s good to have different layers of security at any event. By using mobile surveillance towers and camera trailers alongside designated guards, you can monitor criminal activity and potential dangers so your personnel can respond swiftly when necessary.

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