How Do Mobile Surveillance Towers Revolutionize Security?

While installing a camera surveillance system may help deter crime, there are many situations where extra security is necessary. If you are looking for a large-scale mobile security solution, then it may be time to consider a surveillance tower. Surveillance towers are not your run-of-the-mill security system, and offer many added benefits that a simpleContinue reading

Common Event Security Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

When you are hosting a large scale event, looking at event security as an afterthought is a big mistake. Event security ought to be one of your top priorities, if not your primary focus. Potential threats come in all shapes and sizes, and these threats can impact all types of large scale events from concertsContinue reading

3 Ways Security Towers Give Your Team a Leg Up

It is no secret that when you install a camera surveillance system, you can deter crime. But there is a limit to how far your camera surveillance can reach. Fortunately, mobile security camera towers can help you get a better view so your security team can operate more effectively whether you are monitoring festivals orContinue reading

How Can I Make My Parking Garages Safer During the Holidays?

How Can I Make My Parking Garages Safer During the Holidays? Parking garages across the country strive to make their parking experiences safe and seamless for their customers. Unfortunately, with the holidays fast approaching, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your customers can park with peace of mind. According to the Bureau ofContinue reading

Parking Lot Security: Why Is It Necessary and How Can You Improve It?

Criminals have a wealth of opportunities to commit crime in parking garages and parking lots. Criminals can easily pretend to be heading to their own cars when really they’re scoping out the area to steal from pedestrians or motorists. It’s essential to monitor and secure these spaces not only to keep people safe but alsoContinue reading

3 Ways to Improve Your Concert Security and Crowd Control

With large crowds comes the potential for security threats. Whether you’re in charge of an event at an arena, stadium, theater, or park, concert security is a high priority and involves more than placing security personnel in key areas. Event security requires extensive communication and coordination with your team. Fortunately, with the right security practices,Continue reading

Get More Coverage Out of Your Security System

The right camera security trailers deliver the mobile platform that you need to provide the best security possible. Permanent mount security cameras do not offer the flexibility that you can find with mobile camera security trailers. Who should be considering the value of mobile camera security trailers? Any business, law enforcement, or security group thatContinue reading