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How Can I Make My Parking Garages Safer During the Holidays?

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How Can I Make My Parking Garages Safer During the Holidays?

How Can I Make My Parking Garages Safer During the Holidays?

Parking garages across the country strive to make their parking experiences safe and seamless for their customers. Unfortunately, with the holidays fast approaching, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your customers can park with peace of mind. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in every 10 property crimes happen in parking garages. Crime also increases during the holiday season because people are more likely to be carrying cash on hand and their vehicles are more likely to be filled with expensive gifts.

That said, to help your customers feel safe and secure in your parking garage this holiday season, here are three tips you can use to maintain your parking garage security.

Hire More Security Guards

On average, a 150,000 square foot parking garage could easily hold up to 500 vehicles. During the holiday season, you may be holding even more. Make sure you have more than one security guard at a time patrolling the area. A criminal may be able to avoid a single security vehicle even if they’re not able to avoid security cameras. Consider having at least two security guards per floor in your garage.

Restrict Earbuds

It’s understandable for your security team and employees to want to listen to music while they work. However, when you own a parking garage, it’s a good idea to restrict the use of wearing earbuds or headphones while your employees are on the clock. Music can be a distraction, especially when working in such a large area. Not only can earbuds keep your employees from hearing someone who needs help, but it also inhibits them from hearing suspicious activity such as glass breaking. If you don’t completely ban the use of earbuds or headphones, consider at least banning them while your security guards are on patrol.

Use Mobile Parking Lot Security Systems

A mobile parking lot security system is ideal for parking lots, which makes them perfect for times throughout the year when your parking garage or lot is at its max. Criminals are less likely to commit theft or assault when they know they’re being monitored. Subtle security cameras can be great for catching the identity of a thief, but mobile parking lot security systems are a great way to catch their identity and deter them from committing a crime in the first place.

Looking to make your parking garage or parking lot safer during the holidays and throughout the year? Reconview has the parking lot surveillance systems you need to provide your customers with peace of mind. To learn more about our mobile parking lot surveillance systems and how they can help you deter crime, contact Reconview today.