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Tips to Ensure Your Concert Venue Stays Safe During COVID-19

Tips to Ensure Your Concert Venue Stays Safe During COVID-19

In 1997, Jean-Michel Jarre’s concert in Moscow was attended by over 3.5 million people, setting the record as the concert with the largest attendance. Today, in our COVID-19 times, it is almost impossible to hold such a big concert in your venue, but there are safety measures you can take to keep your concert venue safe.

Install Hand Washing Points in Your Concert Venue

Adjusting to the new normal requires that you give more attention to hygiene practices. Washing hands is an effective way of stopping the spread of Coronavirus. With the new challenges triggered by the pandemic, you must be innovative to remain compliant with the new health standards. That means prioritizing the health safety of concert attendees by installing multiple hand washing points just as you enhance their general security by installing a mobile surveillance tower in your concert venue.

Renovate to Make Your Venue More Spacious

You can make a few ingenious changes to your venue’s overall architecture to make it more spacious. Particularly if you have an indoor venue, you must implement changes that ensure social distancing. You may realign your seating design to have the audience sit at least six feet apart. You can also remodel the roof to allow more fresh air in your indoor venue. For instance, if you had low-hanging roofs, you may replace them with peaked concert roofs.

You must also invest in additional music equipment such as microphones and mouthpieces to avoid performers sharing the same equipment. You should limit the audience size for outdoor venues and post multiple COVID-19 safety reminders around your venue. If you have chairs in your outdoor venue, make sure they are well-distanced according to COVID-19 protocols.

Have a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Just like having a mobile surveillance tower is part of your security management plan for your concert venue, you should also have a detailed COVID-19 preparedness plan. Your plan should outline how performers, the audience, and your staff will be kept safe during the concert. If you intend to sell food and drinks, outline the health protocols to be followed and designate a plan administrator to see your plans through.

Today, with the threat of COVID-19, having a mobile surveillance tower or mobile camera trailer from Reconview is just one of several steps you should take to make your venue safe. Hopefully by implementing some of the tips above your venue can take further steps to returning to pre-COVID capacity and providing a safe environment for all attendees.