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5 Steps To Increase Parking Lot Security

5 steps to improved parking lot security

5 Steps To Increase Parking Lot Security

Is your parking lot secure? As a business owner, you want your customers to feel confident and safe to come and go from your business. And while most business owners work hard to protect their business, they tend to focus less on the parking areas. However, customers are more likely to frequent your business if they feel safe in your parking lot. FBI statistics show parking lots are the third most common place for violent crime. Small steps can go a long way toward providing a safe atmosphere for your clients, and Reconview is here to help! Here are five steps you can take to improve your parking lot security.


Install and maintain adequate lighting. Bright lights offer a sense of security where we can accurately assess visual threats. Poor lighting is often considered an open invitation to crime as more crimes are committed under the veil of darkness. Quality lighting not only empowers those who need to cross a parking lot but also sends a message that this is a lot that is maintained, which is a key signal to customers that you value their safety.


Post clear signage. Clear signage is an important safety feature in any parking lot. Not only can it safely direct traffic flow which can help people avoid unnecessary accidents, but it can help direct foot traffic as well, clearly marking exits, access to elevators, crosswalks, and handicap access, creating convenience and cutting down on confusion. Signage can be painted directly on the lot or posted as needed. It also helps to cut down on people meandering to find their way; clear signage directs people to move with purpose.


Provide video surveillance. Video Cameras are one of the best investments you can make in the safety of your parking lot. Placing video surveillance can discourage criminals, increase the sense of safety and provide valuable evidence to authorities in the event of criminal activity. At Reconview, we specialize in helping you provide a safe environment with our SecureLot security camera trailers.


Keeping up with maintenance. Well-maintained parking areas can reduce the element of criminal activity and accidents, injuries, and even crimes occurring. Important areas to maintain our proper lighting, areas affected by weather such as ice, snow, or flooding. Ensure the surrounding landscaping is well maintained, so trees and shrubs do not block surveillance. It also sends the message to your patrons that this area is routinely maintained, which can discourage criminals who prefer a more opportunistic location.

Security Presence/Monitored access

While onsite security personnel sends the most powerful message to opportunistic criminals, all surveillance is beneficial. Having onsite security is the first line of defense that can prevent violence or property crime. In addition to onsite security, monitoring access with security measures such as gated entry with raising and lowering arms or even video-monitored entry can significantly impact the number of people who will come and go on your property.

Reconview Can Help With Parking Lot Security

At Reconview, we provide security solutions for your surveillance needs. We specialize in various mobile surveillance units that can offer solutions to make your parking lots safer. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help.