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Security Cameras to Deter Theft

security camera tower

Security Cameras to Deter Theft

Security cameras are the best theft deterring technology of modern times. Our latest mobile security camera tower uses advanced surveillance technology to prevent theft. With the help of this tower, law enforcement agencies and security companies can keep an eye on large crowds and maintain order.

The security camera tower has multiple features that help police departments, military, security, and event companies operate effectively.

Major Features of the Security Camera Tower

  • Reliable Portability and Deployment

The tower is towable so that it can be shifted anywhere. A trained person can deploy the tower in minutes.

  • Multi-Sensor Camera Compatibility

The tower can house all types of Pan-Tilt-Zoom thermal and day/night cameras. The cabin comes with a 24” monitor, control panel, and Network Video Recorder (NVR).

  • Flexible Monitoring Options

The cab monitor has a full screen, split-screen, and two fields-of-view display options that help adjust to dynamic situations.

  • Temperature Controlled Robust Cabin

The cabin comes with a temperature control system, and its robust frame can withstand winds up to 6o mph.

  • Monitor, Detect and Record Efficiently

The surveillance system’s payload options include fixed or pan-tilt Infrared, visible light cameras, night vision, ground radar, searchlights, and NVR.

Other Features:

  • Utilizes generator as well as shore power
  • Comes with a fuel tank
  • Strobe light and descent alarm for safety
  • Digital wind speed meter
  • Safety camera under the cab. The display shows on a dedicated screen.
  • Tinted windows ensure privacy

With multiple applications, the tower is designed to operate in diverse conditions. It is a reliable piece of engineering that helps government and commercial entities looking to monitor large crowds and areas.


  • Used for high crime area monitoring
  • Helps in major crowd surveillance
  • Effective for perimeter protection
  • Works as a gate overwatch tower
  • Valuables protection
  • Covers surveillance area equivalent to three on-ground personnel
  • Works as a parking lot surveillance and detection center

With our security camera tower, 24/7 360° surveillance from a vantage point with ease of mobility has become a reality. Feel free to book a unit anytime. We are just a call away from an in-depth inquiry.