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Why Parking Lot Surveillance is Crucial for Your Business


Why Parking Lot Surveillance is Crucial for Your Business

As a successful business owner, it can be easy to assume that your company parking lot is just an extension of your heavily-monitored office space. This mindset has been proved extremely detrimental, as we have observed a steady increase in crimes occurring in outdoor parking lots. To avoid taking chances and risking the safety of their workers, several business owners and government workers have opted to incorporate a securelot system into their parking lots. In this blog post, we will take a look at how a parking lot surveillance tower can protect your business, even outside of its office doors.

Preventing Property Crimes

The term “property crime” revolves around burglary, arson, larceny, and motor vehicle theft. Since 1 in 10 property crimes happen in parking lots and garages, it is crucial to keep the parking area of your business well-monitored. The securelot camera trailers are the most portable security trailers on the market, providing constant surveillance through a smartphone app. Securelot technologies are wireless and subtle, so they have a lower chance of being destroyed before catching criminal acts.

Monitoring Suspicious Behavior

Many companies report strange vehicles or people lurking around their property. Needless to say, loiterers around your employees’ vehicles rarely have good intentions. Since the mobile surveillance tower is easily movable, you can focus on target places you want to survey, covering the usual “blind spots”.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

When an employee doesn’t feel safe walking out by themselves to their car, you know it is time for a change. Knowing that a surveillance system has ample coverage of the entire parking lot can bring comfort to those who park further away from the work entrance. Introducing a high-quality securelot system to your parking lot can bring a ton of insurance to your company’s property as well as peace of mind to those working for you.


Clearly, parking lots tend to be overlooked when thinking about office and organization security. Studies show that motor vehicle theft can be a common occurrence in unmonitored parking lots, so protecting yourself and your employees is crucial to forming a safe and comfortable atmosphere for your company. If you want to incorporate a securelot device into your company’s security system, give us a call today.