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How Do Police Use Surveillance Tools to Stop Crime?

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How Do Police Use Surveillance Tools to Stop Crime?

Camera surveillance systems are more likely to deter crime when they are installed because they increase a thief or criminal’s risk of getting caught. In fact, according to ADT, a home with a security system installed is up to 300% safer from break-ins. However, surveillance tools are not just great for preventative measures. They can also help police catch perpetrators to prevent further crimes from happening.

But just how do police officers use surveillance tools and advanced technology to help catch criminals? Here, we will dive into how law enforcement has been using high-tech surveillance for crime control and prevention.

Surveillance Towers and Large Crowds

Surveillance towers are ideal for law enforcement during large-scale events where crime is more likely to take place. For instance, NFL home games are associated with a 2.6% increase in total crimes. A surveillance tower enables police to survey large crowds for any potential risks or criminal behavior such as active shooters, larceny, or vandalism.

Law enforcement departments have been increasingly investing in Reconview’s mobile surveillance towers and with good reason. Reconview’s surveillance towers offer a high vantage point and can be deployed anywhere in almost any terrain. These mobile security camera towers also come with day and night thermal cameras to maintain clear vision, high-performance floodlights for increased visibility, and advanced video storage capability to store videos, images, and content for later analysis.

Video Analytics Software

Once police have obtained footage of a potential suspect involved in a crime, they can then use video analytics software to scan the footage. Police may be able to obtain an image of a suspect, but may not be able to identify them. Video analytics software can use artificial intelligence to provide clues such as the type of vehicle the suspect may be driving, the brand of clothing they are wearing, or the brand of their bag. This can be helpful in tracking down vehicles or stores where the suspect may have shopped. Even if police are unable to find the suspect themselves, they may find witnesses or people who are able to identify the suspect.

Facial Recognition Software

In some cases, when police are analyzing video footage taken from a crime scene, they are able to use artificial intelligence to identify potential suspects. Facial recognition software is not always able to determine the identity of someone it analyzes, but it can compare the face of a potential suspect to the mug shots of those with a criminal history. This helps law enforcement narrow down the list of suspects involved in a case.

With all of these technologies used together, law enforcement offices can reduce the risk of crimes, catch criminals in the act, and solve crimes. Reconview’s surveillance towers offer significant benefits with rapid deployment, optimal safety features, and high-quality content storage. If your law enforcement department is interested in investing in surveillance towers of your own, contact Reconview today for more information.