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6 Ways to Ensure Safety at Your Event

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6 Ways to Ensure Safety at Your Event

If you are planning on running an event soon, there is a lot to worry about to make sure it goes smoothly. One thing that should never be overlooked is safety. With proper safety procedures, you will be able to reduce or eliminate hazards and keep guests safe.

An Emergency Plan

Every event must have an emergency plan in case situations arise that warrant evacuation. You need to decide how to let people know about an emergency and who will speak to authorities if there are any accidents or emergency situations. You will also need a contingency plan that includes names and contact information for all guests.

Crowd Management

When large groups of people gather, safety can be compromised. In fact, the largest recorded attendance for a concert was more than three million people, so events like that require a lot of crowd management. There needs to be a plan for spacing out guests and making sure no one sneaks in through restricted entryways. A mobile surveillance tower from Reconview can help control crowd sizes and allow you to monitor what is going on.


Even the best events can be derailed by poor parking plans. Plan for how many cars will be there and how traffic can be managed. Planning ahead can make things smoother and keep the guests happy. A mobile surveillance tower can be a useful tool for overseeing parking too.

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

No matter how big or small an event, a risk assessment is needed. For simple events, a standard assessment will do, especially when addressing specific issues that may arise. More complex events, like outdoor gatherings, may require lengthier assessments. Planning for any and all emergencies and risks is your best bet for ensuring a safe event.

Reducing Risk

Managing and alleviating risk at your event will keep everyone safer. If your event has chefs working in a kitchen, you will need an inspector to check the equipment and food so it is safe to use. You will also want to check local health laws to see if facemasks are required for staff working the event.


Once you have got a safety plan in place, you need to make sure event staff are properly trained on their specific jobs and any necessary safety procedures. A good tip is to have staff gather before the event for a run-through so everyone knows exactly what is expected.

When you are ready to get started securing your event, consult with Reconview to learn about the mobile surveillance towers we have to offer.