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3 Ways to Improve Your Concert Security and Crowd Control

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3 Ways to Improve Your Concert Security and Crowd Control

With large crowds comes the potential for security threats. Whether you’re in charge of an event at an arena, stadium, theater, or park, concert security is a high priority and involves more than placing security personnel in key areas. Event security requires extensive communication and coordination with your team.

Fortunately, with the right security practices, you can protect guests and staff while also preventing venue damage. Here are three ways you can better improve concert security and crowd control to ensure the safety and security of event-goers.

Keep entry under control

The best way to manage crowd control is by keeping the crowd from getting riled up to begin with. Keep traffic under control by allowing those who have made it past the entrance to make their way towards the venue before you begin allowing more people into the venue. When you allow multiple people into the concert venue at once, it can create a traffic jam at the opening of the venue. Having multiple people concentrated in one area is a recipe for disaster.

Make sure emergency exits are visible

It’s crucial that event attendees know where to go in the event of an emergency. Panic spreads fast and a crowd can quickly become dangerous if exits aren’t clearly marked and easy to find. The last thing you want is for anyone to get trampled in an emergency. If you’re monitoring an indoor venue, make sure the exits are well-lit and highly visible.

Making sure emergency exits at outdoor events are highly visible is a little more tricky. Typically, during an emergency, event-goers at an outdoor event will head toward the entrance. To prevent a stampede or crowd crush, make sure there are places throughout the venue where event-goers can exit safely and that each of these areas are well-lit with emergency lightning.

Get up high

The largest recorded concert attendance in world history was 3.5 million people. When you’re at ground level, trying to maintain the safety of that kind of crowd is impossible. You need a mobile security camera tower that will let you monitor the crowd from high up where you can see. A mobile security camera tower gives you a 360-degree view that gives you the advantage of scanning areas that would typically require multiple people. In the event of an emergency, mobile security camera towers also come with floodlights and night thermal cameras for additional visibility.

Looking to take your concert security procedures to the next level? Reconview has you covered. Our mobile surveillance towers give you a bird’s eye view of your venue so you can be sure event-goers, staff, and the surrounding property are secure. To learn more about our mobile surveillance towers and camera security trailers, contact Reconview today.